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E-mail Denise Harper Angel or call her office at (502) 452-9130.
You don't have to be a Democrat or live in District 35 to let her know how you feel.

This is the official campaign website for Kentucky State Senate candidate Scott Ritcher.
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Phone: (502) 452-9130

Annex: (502) 564-8100 ext 633

Honest errors were made on the papers Kentucky voters signed to place Scott Ritcher's name on the District 35 State Senate ballot.

The state certified Ritcher's candidacy and would not revoke it or remove him from the ballot based on these errors. He could only be removed through a lawsuit. That's why incumbent Democratic State Senator Denise Harper Angel sued Ritcher and the Board of Elections.

Ms. Angel's suit claimed out-of-district voters signed the ballot access forms. The district cuts through Louisville, splitting neighborhoods and streets. Nearly all the disputed signatures are voters whose same-street neighbors are in the district.

Angel's own website perpetuates confusion about the boundaries by saying Fern Creek and the South End are part of the district. They're not even close. Some of our petitioners missed by a few feet. Her website says the district includes people who are miles away.

LEO reported, "Kentucky's public officeholders have rigged district boundaries to benefit their own parties... the 35th (District) is probably the most awkwardly shaped. It includes a number of sharp lines and zigzags to include major points... some 70 percent of registered voters there are Democrats."

Despite ruling in favor of Angel in court, thus delivering the election to her prior to the polls opening, the judge issued the following statement in the decision:

"There has been no allegation, nor any evidence whatsoever which would support any such allegation, that the signatures on Mr. Ritcher's petition were fraudulent or fraudulently obtained. The Court and all parties concerned have, as they should, taken great care to make sure that the record in no way impugns Mr. Ritcher's motives, integrity or character. Mr. Ritcher has by all accounts acted at all times in the finest traditions of the democratic process." - Jefferson Circuit Court Judge A.C. McKay Chauvin, Angel v Ritcher (08-CI-09149)


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